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Family Tree


11 individual panels created  by the artist

Mixed media and collage, fine art print on museum etching paper, Hahnemuhle 350g

Unique pieces, series of 7 works 

Signed and numbered by the artist, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity


Dimensions of the Panels: 

64.2 x 55.7 cm - 35 x 65 cm

47 x 47 cm - 31 x 47 cm

32 x 44 cm - 34.5 x 39.5 cm

24 x 46 cm - 32 x 31 cm

25 x 21.5 cm - 21 x 29 cm

35 x 47 cm


Born in Mexico and of French-Mexican nationality, Alicia Paz lives and works in London. 

Hierwork mainly deals with identity, its diversity, and explores mutability and subjectivity. The female subject is at the center of her work, she describes it as a lived, multiple and paradoxical Self, in motion. Women become hybrids, woman-monster, woman-tree integrating the notion of filial piety. 

In 2017, she participated in the exhibition "All bloods mixed" at MAC / VAL Vitry-sur-Seine and presented a huge Family Tree. It was through this project she managed to conceive of the idea for our project.


You can find the works of Alicia Paz in the following collections: 

APT (Mexico City), Ceres Museum (France), Colección Costantini, Malba Museum (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Corporations: Lafuma (Schlumberger), Hanlim Museum (Taejon, Korea) Collection of Vitry-sur-Seine (France) ), Collection of the City of Valognes (France), Municipal Art Fund (Paris, France), FRAC Ile-de-France (France), FRAC Languedoc-Roussillon (France), Kunstmuseum unser lieben Frauen Magdeburg (Germany) .


The panels are not sold individually. They are sold framed.