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Jean-Jacques Lebel

With the advent of a new exhibition dedicated to Jean-Jacques Lebel by the Pompidou Center,  Éditions Dilecta is pleased to published a new catalog by him. The monograph is includes his works along with documents form his archive. It is accompagné by text from Bernard Blist è do, Nicolas Liucci-Goutnikov Hugo Daniel, Paolo Fabbri and Alyce Mahon.


Jean-Jacques Lebel has been a key figure in the French and international artistic landscape for the second half of the twentieth century. He is everywhere. A prolific artist, he is also an author, a translator (of the Beat Generation in particular), a performer, an editor, an animator, and always an individual at the forefront of the artistic and political avant-garde. He escapes any label, any confinement in any artistic movement. He continually abandons any form of hierarchy to better institutions and ideologies.