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Théo Mercier

All You Can Eat

44 pages
18.5 x 25 cm
Hardcover text by Jean-Max Colard, Stéphane Corréard and Tania Rivera.Songs by Jérôme Lambert
Languages: French / English
Released: 2012
ISBN: 979-10-90490-10-9


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Considered to be one of the most promising and original artists of the French art scene, Théo Mercier is a jack of all trade. Self-taught, he paints, sculpts and photographs. Through those media, he leaves his mind to wonder and imagine the most peculiar and monstrous creatures, which he stages in a humorous way. With wit and humor, he deals with his favorite themes such as death and sexuality without ever being stodgy. He creates pieces in which he associates the most unlikely combination of objects, producing unconventional assemblies, such as his skulls and teapots, fried eggs and dirty socks.

Along with an essay by Jean-Max Colard, songs from the writer Jérôme Lambert, an analysis by Tania Rivera and an interview with Stéphane Corréard, the pieces reproduced in the catalog -photographs, unreleased drawings, painting and sculptures-reveals all the diversity of his world.

This book was granted a help from Lille3000, the CNAP and the gallery Gabrielle Maubrie.
It has been made possible by the support of FAME.


A limited edition , signed and numbered, is also available for this book.


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