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45,00 €

Jean-Michel Othoniel

Janus’s Knots

24 pages 
25,5 x 27,5 cm
hardback cover
10 pop-up watercolors
language : French
coedition Dilecta / Galerie Perrotin
release : 2009 
ISBN 978-2-916275-60-4


This pop-up book marks a new stage in the work of Jean-Michel Othoniel: the ‘Ricochets’ sculptures, with varying shades, glass marbles projected like a ribbon of beads, unfold across the pages.

These new works raise ‘the question of the absent body. It is about creating volumes of absence, constructions of variable dimensions whose bodies could coil up’. It is an almost carnal relationship that these ‘ricochets’ have with the space within which they are entwined.

Using the idea of an aerial game with the materials, Jean-Michel Othoniel wanted to design a pop-up book where the water-colour shapes would be like models for a future exhibition. Like light-weight knots, these coloured drawings intertwine like a Janus in love with his double: “In these drawings”, says Othoniel, “there is an idea of movement, actual bounce, ricochets, imaginary desires and a knotted heart”.

Born in 1964 in Saint-Etienne, first working material such as sulphur or wax, Jean-Michel Othoniel is known for his sculptures in Murano glass, like The Nighthawks Kiosk, located at the entrance to the metro station Palais Royal in Paris. 

A limited edition with a “Ricochet” enhanced in watercolour was printed and is now sold-out.