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Roman Signer

Roman Signer

96 pages
21 x 28 cm
softcover book, sewn
language : French / English
release : 2012
ISBN 979-10-90490-13-0

Born in Switzerland in 1938, Roman Signer is famous for his “explosive” performances. Since 1973, he has been conceiving a piece combining sculpture, performance, photography and film archive. Fascinated by the power of nature (storm, wind, volcanos, geysers, torrents...), he keep experimenting through actions of great force, poetical and often on the edge of danger. Using explosives, helicopters or delivery tricycles, Signer explores the fourth dimension, time. True “time-sculpture”, each piece is a step of mastering and release of energy. 

His interventions, of which he sometimes keeps trace of through super 8 films or videos, are defined by an immediate and deep sense of humour, close to absurd, which he owes to a combination very delicate between human manipulation, natural elements and ordinary items. We still remember the volcano eruption provoked on an Helvetian mountain, his travel in a kayak pulled by a car in a countryside road, the projection of stools through the windows of a cabin, the loopings of a roaring helicopter operated by remote control in a room above the artist, lying in bed with his beanie on his eyes…

During the whole summer of 2012, the Hangar à Bananes in Nantes hosted a large exhibition of both film archives, actual installations and unshowed before pieces of the artist, such as the painting explosions in a tunnel, the suspended kayak from the Titan crane on the edge of the island or even the itinerary -interrupted by umbrellas- of this superb polish car from the 60s, the Warszawa, brought back on the road by Signer. The roadtrip was also documented and is presented in the book. 

A limited edition of the book signed and numbered by the artist is also available, along with four original photographs.