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Sept Manifestes dada

108 pages
13,5 x 19 cm
sewned softcover book
8 illustrations by Francis Picabia
language : French
release : 2005
ISBN 979-10-90490-24-6 

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Postface by Henri Béhar, publisher of Œuvres complètes de Tristan Tzara.

Dada overview, backfire to a dawning surrealism, the Sept Manifestes Dada, sprinkled with Picabia’s mischievous drawings, have kept all of their explosive freshness.
Want proof ? The “please insert here” written by Tzara: “If you are very weak, if you are too strong, if you are sick, if you are small, if you are troubled, read my book, it will cure you. You will see that everybody is crazy, you will see why logic should be abandoned; all secrets will be revealed to your eyes. […] Twenty centuries of history have only helped to demonstrate the truth of my manifestos. […] If you want to become men again to hear with your ears and speak with your mouths, if you want to know why you shouldn’t take art seriously, or morality, religion, politics, grammar […] read my manifestos: you might write to me that I’m crazy.” It’s up to you to.