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26,00 €

Loris Gréaud


96 pages
21,5 x 36 cm
hardback, sewn 
texts by Marie-Laure Bernadac and Michel Gauthier, interview with the artist.
languages : English/French
release : 2013
ISBN 979-10-90490-32-1 

Like a conductor, Loris Gréaud, versatile artist fascinated by architecture, quantum mechanics, cinema and music, seizes ideas in order to transform them into what he calls “empirical machines”. In June 2013, he took possession of both the Louvre and the Centre Pompidou through two installations mixing a work on space and sound specific to his art. 


On this occasion, the Éditions Dilecta offers to retrace the creation of both exhibitions through blueprints, sketches and photographs of those phenomenal machines in situ. Texts from Marie-Laure Bernadac (in charge of the contemporary art collection at the Louvre) and Michel Gauthier (curator at Centre Pompidou) plus an additional interview with the artist also serves a better understanding of the pieces.