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Pascal Bauer

144 pages
21 x 25 cm
Texts by Raphaël Cuir, Anne-Marie Morice, Pascal Bauer, Marie-Emilie Fourneaux, Julie Estève, Morgan Labar
Languages : bilingual french / english
Collectively produced y Editions Dilecta / School Gallery, Paris
Published : 2014
ISBN : 979-10-90490-45-1

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« The work of Pascal Bauer 
takes a lucid look at a world whose models, particularly male, are at least vacillating. It draws its force largely from the "mortal to illusions" irony, and if it resorts to the self-portrait it is still with the irony that delivers "of the adoration of oneself". Pascal Bauer willingly tackles stereotypes as well as our packaging through works whose purpose is usually nuanced by "humorous irony": "she always humble to some degreeit is without bitterness and pacifies, by conciliatory mediation, the cruel antithesis of sarcasm". »

Raphaël Cuir

The authors: Raphaël Cuir is a critical and an art historian ; Anne-Marie Morice is an art director and the commissioner of the exhibition ; Marie-Emilie Fourneaux is an art historian ; Julie Estève is an art historian, journalist and critic ; Morgan Labar is a specialist in art history and art philosophy.