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Les Migrations de Carole Benzaken

128 pages
17 x 24 cm
Bound book with cardboard box
Text : Claire Stoullig, Sophie Amestoy
Language : French
Published : 2014
ISBN : 979-10-90490-53-6

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arole Benzaken is not resigned to a technique, a medium, a format. The artist explores painting, sculpture and video in order to present works that offer a reflection on intimacy and surface-level issues, the inside and the outside or the collective codes and the individual memory. Through an interview with Sophie Amestoy, Carole Benzaken defines the major themes that cross her work. By telling the creative process in detail, she talks about the oldest pieces to the most contemporary. Thus will be presented both in the exhibition and the catalog of Tulips and Rolls (emblematic series started in the 1990s), but also pieces such as Yemima (2012-2013), Traveling, (Lost) Paradise, Ecclesiastes, Candide, Porte-Tehilim ... is a perfect retrospective of the entire work of Carole Benzaken