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Cellule 516

80 pages 
18 x 24 cm 
Stitched paperback with flaps
Language : French / English
Published : 2014
ISBN : 979-10-90490-51-2 

In this retrospective publication of the inaugural exposition, authors, creators, and critics were invited to write about their experience with Absalon's cellular work. Audrey Koulinsky, « habitante » in this cellule, presents her curious and original device that consists of giving the public a new experience when visiting the exhibition ; Élisabeth Lebovici, art critic, retraces the history of  Absalon and his work ; Noëlle Châtelet, author-in-residence at cellule516 for one week, responds according to the bias of fiction and the questions "What lives inside Cellule516?".

The publication of these  « Actes » of cellule516 constitutes a collective reason for titling a project every year by recovering the traces left behind by each artist each year.