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Retours de mer

240 pages, including one leaflet of 8 pages
17 x 23 cm 
Stiched paperback with band and CD
Language : French
Textes : Jean Attali, Claude Steen, Christine Stroobandt, Hélène Guiot, Jean-Pierre Mélis et Mathieu Jules Chauvin aka MTC
Published : 2014
ISBN : 979-10-90490-50-5

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"When Dunkirk 2013, regional capital of culture, celebrated the city and its maritime vocation, we wanted to give an account of the museum's anchoring in the life of the city through the prism of its collections in their relationship to the The theme of Returns from the Sea invited us to go beyond the local dimension and open up to a global dimension. "

Retours de mer 
is a catalogue and an exhibition of the same name exhibited at the Museum of Beaux Arts in Dunkirk. Both designed by the philosopher Jean Attali, the catalogue unshackles the exhibited. Prefaced by Aude Cordonnier, this work addresses the relationship between man and the sea, stretched between the two poles. The first, dramatic and tragic, evokes the combat that created the seas and oceans, the theater of competitions and conquering (commercial, colonization, immigration connection). The second pole is melancholic ; it sings, between past and present, the poem of " returns " over the horizons. It evokes the travelling myths used by humanity to create an understanding across time and space. It is focused on telling the history of Occidental relationships with the world, thee voyages across continents.