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29,00 €


Dessins / Drawings

144 pages
19.5 x 24.5 cm in the French style
Harcover sewn book
Text by Juliette Bertron
Languages : French / English
ISBN: 979-10-90490-71-0

Graphics : Roman Seban

Neo-realist in France en France, close friend to the pop artists of New York et Los Angeles, creater of psychadelic films in the hippie community of Morocco and elsewhere... Martial Raysse is a major artist in the contemporary scene. While his ultracolored photos of women from the 1960s have become icons and his allegorical frescoes still surpise, Éditions Dilecta has published an show presenting a selection of drawings, of his current debut. Encore peu connues, these works on paper have the same audacity and vulgarity as his paintings, punctuated by eroticism and colored in by modern mythologies. The publication contains over a hundred of his works, which show his drawing practice, which is much more than a single step. For his work on this painting, but mostly for his modelling work, he is very free, which allows him to explore techniques as diverse as graphic minerals, pastels, and more watercolors.