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Les Images intranquilles

144 pages 
21 x 26 cm 
Sewn and bound with fabric
Texts by Clément Chéroux and Larisa Dryanski 
Interview by Valérie Belin and Roxana Marcocci 
Languages : French/ English
Parution : 2015 
ISBN 979-10-90490-74-1 
Collaboration by Éditions Dilecta / Centre Pompidou

The photographic work of highlights a particular device, which is not without returning to American minimal art. Myriad themes present themselves through the surface of inanimate things or beings drawn up as and when the series unfolds, the time frozen, even petrified, and the question of identity. Her work provokes an impression of doubt and disturbing strangeness. The exhibition at the Center Pompidou's photography studio proposes to compare the series of the photographer with each other. This is the opportunity for her to present for the first time the series of "Supermodels", a renewed reading of the famous 'Mannequins', which explore the different representations of reality and fantasy, full of abundance and fantasy.

« This culture of oxymorons is reflected in the very structure of Belin's work. The feeling of strangeness that arises is the result of a fairly systematic tension established between subjects belonging to a daily environment and a way of treating them that makes them disturbing.[…] 

In front of most of his series involving a human representation, the viewer can not help but wonder if he is facing a real person or a fabric effigy. This is particularly the case with his "Michael Jackson": are these genuine look-alikes or a photographic collection of wax statues, of all the museums Grévin and Tussauds of the world? The artist aims to cultivate this ambiguity. In her work, all can be implemented to reify humanity ... "

The world of strangessness and worry, which is a piece of Valérie Belin's work […] is not from reality, not in dreams, but inhabits the world in post-modern hour images.
(Clément Chéroux, p. 21-25)

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