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Jean-Michel Othoniel

Locus Solus - L’Étoile d’or

This edition is composed of a signed book and an original creation by Jean-Michel Othoniel, L’Étoile d’or, held seperately under two boxsets, custom-made by Atelier Paxion.

Edition of 45 /5 AP

The book:

320 pages
19 x 27 cm
Language: French 
Paper: Munken Lynx 150g 
Orange cover hardback 
Binding: hardcover, sewn, round spine
Parution: 2015
7 bookmarks with 7 different colours, from which are suspended 7 bronze medallions conceived by Jean-Michel Othoniel
Numbered and signed

L’étoile d’or 
[The Golden Star]

Jean-Michel Othoniel, L’étoile d’or, 2015
Crystal glass star, gilden in the gold leaf 
Certificate of authenticity


Raymond Roussel’s Locus Solus

Published in 1914, as the world is about to sink in a bloody war, Locus Solus is the enigmatic masterpiece of Raymond Roussel (Paris 1877, Palerme 1933). Throughout this guided visit in the property of the researcher Martial Canterel, the narrative evokes fantastic inventions, installed in the park, automats or “bachelor machines,” with the glittering poetry of this story full of symbols, lexical games and recurrent pictures.


Othoniel’s Locus Solus

Sewn in the book, seven ribbons with rainbow colours point out the seven chapters, like an echo of the seven inventions created by Canterel. One of Jean-Michel Othoniel’s great virtues is to reveal, by graphic interventions or pictures borrowed to artists he perceives close to Roussel’s aesthetics – from James Lee Byars to Gabriel Orozco or Martial Raysse –, the secret imagination of the novel he uncovers, as a diamond buried in the sand.

Just as Canterel welcomes his guest in his property to introduce them to the seven wonders it hides, Othoniel guides us through the arcanes of Roussel’s world. Besides this delicate disclosure, Othoniel has also hidden surprises in this book-object, where the reader will find a tarot card, stuck photographs or precious pendants.