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« Hand me down your love », 2018 [Supports]

Series of sculptures in tinted acrylic resin enhanced by the sheet

Gold and modelling clay.

Each work is unique.

Variable dimensions.


Each sculpture is unique. To confirm your personal choice, please contact us at


"Hand me down your love" comes from our meeting with  on the occasion of the edition of Il faut reconstruire l'Hacienda, a catalog of his eponymous exhibition at the regional museum of contemporary art Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée Summer 2016. "Hand me down your love" is a distant echo.




A pair of non-resounding hands, « Hand me down your love ». Individual, unique, and nevertheless similar to all hands, everyone’s hands. The piece  also presents an ambiguous report to the concept of the series. On the contract of the production of the series, it presents a question of thoroughness. Molded by the artist’s entourage, their hands are those who give him his hand, those who often get their hands dirty in his name. Their soft colors are as appealing to the caress as the roughness of their material speaks of their humanity.

These hands actively participate in a community, they produce.

This is all dependent on these objects and these relationships.  


Wabi-sabi, the Japanese aesthetic, which asserts that beauty follows from the accepting of imperfection, inspires Bruno Peinado here. His works proudly show the marks of manufacturing, including their cracks and gold Kutsugi threads. The Japanese art of repairing gold breaks, these hands are offered as tribute to humanity, and their infinite resilience. The artist loves archipelagos, thinks of them as fragments of continents. This fragmentation of land, says Bruno, also tells us about what connects us.

(Extrait of Aude Launay's text)


This series comes from the eponymous exhibition held at the gallery in the spring of 2018.


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