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80,00 €

Marc Geneix

Le Scénario de l’inéluctable

96 pages
17 x 22.5 cm
Sewn paperback
44 reproductions of collages
+ 1 original and unpublished collage on each copy
Language: French
issue: 2009

The Scenario of the Inescapable reproduces a series of 44 collages made from press clippings. Each copy of the book contains an original collage.

Composite and carnivalesque object, the scenario of the inevitable could be likened to the jester during the work of the Tiqqun, Contributions to the ongoing war. A place of iconoclastic reversals and reconciliations, Le Scénario performs an impeccable scuttling of the fabric of our immediate environment, the media sphere. The diffuse daily life becomes a delirious matrix, pretext for tasty confrontations, mixing and jubilant manipulation of the effigies. Through a gesture distanced from the ballpoint pen and the game of fortuitous word, the artist practices the detachment and an art of juxtaposition shifted.

Questioning a "circular circulation" of data, Marc Geneix takes a look at the icons of a post-world of information, where the images are reversible and manipulable.

This edition is composed of 250 copies, including 200 copies numbered from 1 to 200, 30 artist proofs numbered from I to XXX and 20 non-commercial copies numbered from HC 1 to HC 20, all signed by the artist and comprising an original collage made on a page in the middle of the book The Scenario of the inevitable.