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Bertrand Lavier

Walt Disney Productions n°3 [sculpture originale]

Sculpture: Walt Disney Productions n°3, 1947 - 2017

Painting on colored polyurethane resin. 
19.3 x 15.5 x 8 cm 

The series of Walt Disney Productins, inaugurated in 1984 and regularly exhibited since, is composed of enlargements by Lavier of abstract paintings, scrawled by the painter Mickey for a cartoon of the same name in a museum of modern art. L’artiste a également réalisé les sculptures imaginées en isolant des éléments de décor, faisant ainsi accéder au statut d’objet d'art ce qui n’était que décor et fiction.

For this top edition, there is a book and an original work. 

This limited edition is made up of 20 examples numbered one through 20 along with 7 artist proofs numbered and labeled EA1 to EA7. 

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