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700,00 €



Inkjet print on Hahnemuhle ultra lisse paper350g

4 Editions+ 1 EA

59.4 x 84.1 cm

Sold framed.

Each print is numbered and signed by the artist.


« The small anouncements that make up LISTE ROSE are twenty years old. It is her debut show after studying, a series of collages beginning with names in the directory, hardly exposed, have been a subject of a show in a contemporary gallery - Agnès was born in 1998, then Allia in 2007,. I wanted to propose variant, a new edition of sorts. More than the originals, which are very small, I decided to make photographic prints based on the enlargements of these cuts on recycled paper. »

Valérie Mréjen


As she mentions in an interview given by France Culture (La Nuit rêvée de Valérie Mréjen — 3/12/2017, par Mathilde Wagman), it is, in a way « unexpected and diverted », that she should arrive at writing through collages beginning in 1997. The series of "small anouncements", presented for the first time at Passade Retz in Paris in 1997, is shown on a different scale today by the artist.


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