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Le Musée des amours


Series of 7 ultrachrome inks prints on fine art paper

Ed 5 + 1EA + 1 HC

50 x 40 cm 

Martine Aballé was born in New York in 1950, and now lives and works in Paris. 

Her work traverses the images of nature and decor: they are uninvited, enhanced by colors, births to surreal and bittersweet dream. One must be attentive to detail in her work: beautiful images and harmless visions   are rarely what they seem. 

She is especially distinguished by her recolored prints, images, and texts intertwined to create stories. In her Such facilities as  The House Below Narcissio  (Nice, 2016),  The House Without N , at Crac Occitan (2012) and  The Passenger Hotel ARC at the Museum of Modern Art in the City of Paris (1999), the artist places a decoration that creates fiction.

She is represented by Art Concept Gallery in Paris.


"The Museum of Loves"  is a fictional narrative composed as  a soap opera that recounts the photographs of the history of Odile and Marcel through the maze of a literary salon in a museum. The series ends after 6 episodes and an epilogue. She created a festivaled "EXTRA!" She was born on the occasion of the festival "EXTRA! Under the guide of Jean-Max Colard at the Pompidou Center, for which  Martine Aballéa directed cintematography.

The light box was created after the first photograph in the series and bears its title. 


Consult the sheet of the series "The Museum of Loves"> 


The indicated price is for the the complete series. The photographs may be sold separately. 

We can have the piece framed. If interested, please contact  for more information (price, visual, time)