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Martine Aballéa



Ultrachrome ink print on white art paper bright white 310g 

Ed 5 + 1EA + 1 HC

60 x 40 cm 

Martine Aballé was born in New York in 1950, she lives and works in Paris. 

Her works with decorative and natural imagery: they are uninvited, which is enhanced with colorful punctuation, and so giving birth to a dreamlike, bitter-sweet surreality. One must be attentive to the slightest detail in his work: pretty images or insignificant visions are rarely what they seem. 

She is well known for her recolored prints, where images and texts intertwine to create stories. Her past exhibitions have included  Narcissio (Nice, 2016),   The house without  , Crac Occitanie (2012) or   the Passenger Hotel  , ARC, Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris (1999), where the artist set up a form of decoration where fiction is created.

She is represented by the Art Concept gallery in Paris.


These photographs complete the series   "The Museum of Loves",   a fictional story based on a soap opera that uses photographs to tell the story of Odile and Marcel through the mazes of a literary salon in a museum. They are  space-time in  parallel with the story, before, during or after each episode. Martine Aballéa offers the visitor a new   aspect of the plot while thickening the mystery.


The photograph can be framed by us. Please contact   for more information (visual, price and deadline).

The museum of love