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Annette Messager

Dessus Dessous

120 pages
23 x 20 cm

Broché, cousu, sous veste, dos nu et fils colorés 
Texts by
 Anne-Claire Laronde, Barbara Forest, Dominique Viéville, Yves Sabourin
Languages: French/ English
ISBN 979-10-90490-90-1
Indeed, the city of Calais occupies an important place in the  la ville de Calais occupe une place importante in the process of creating Annette Messager since, in her childhood, she went to admire the monument of the Bourgeois of Calais Rodin. In the early 80s, the museum of the city proposed a personal exhibition, during which they presented the work Chimeres, which appeares now, 30 years late at the Beaux-Arts of Calais. In this series, the body becomes objects exclusive to its experience, and do presents  a fantasy world populated by hybrid creatures. This world is represented by both paintings and cutouts. 19 pieces and installations and their places are exhibited in the two museums, in which Annette Messager also wishes to render an hommage to the textile industry, particularly important for that region, having personally been fascinated by the work of the courtiers and the fabrication of lace: "These small pieces of tulle and lace , so light, so delicate, so sophisticated, leave from the stomach of huge, vibrating, noisy machines: a enchanting mystery!" - A. Messager