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Éric Pougeau

Fils de pute

128 pages
15 x 20 cm
hardcover book hardcover
publication: 2011
ISBN: 978-2-916275-95-6

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Éric Pougeau hits hard with the words. Words that are inscribed on various media that he appropriates, mortuary plates, medical prescriptions and school notebooks, to convey rage, insult and laughter. Like a family album, this book seems to gather the secrets, the fantasies and the morbid impulses of an already grown-up child, worked by anguish and violence, which plays to conjugate life and death in an absurd and monstrous way. Post-mortem or fictitious traces of various sorts of events at the limit of the imaginable, this book bears witness, in an extreme way, to the banality of evil and our childish impossibility to conceive of it other than exacerbated.

There is for this title a leading edition including an original work.

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