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350,00 €

Jean-Luc Parant

Les Yeux ouverts les yeux fermés

152 pages
16 x 22 cm
bound book without case covered with canvas primed
language: french
edition: 2009
ISBN: 978-2-916275-55-0

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Eyes open with eyes closed
is a "book-painting" by Jean-Luc Parant. The cardboard case, covered with a primed canvas hosting an original drawing of the artist - balls made with open eyes and balls made with closed eyes - contains a hardcover book whose poetic text prolongs its preoccupation with the universal sun and earth, man and animal, shade and light, the world in a word. This text, like all the others by Jean-Luc Parant, could be compared to rotating eyeballs on themselves, inviting us to go into orbit all around them without worrying about their beginning or their end.

This leading edition is a limited edition of 60 copies and 10 artist proofs numbered and signed by the artist.

Each edition contains, under a cardboard box, the book Eyes open with eyes closed accompanied by a drawing in the case.

Please contact us if you would like to know the remaining numbers and their prices.